Shayna Renee Hammond

Shayna Renee Hammond

Dr. Billie Mayo, a retired educator, is a Senior Consultant and
former co-owner of Educational Equity Consultants, an
organization committed to dismantling the oppression of
racism in public education and to building the capacity of
individuals, schools and other organizations to address racism
in ways that enable all people to reclaim their inherent
intelligence and nobility. 

She is also a Racial Equity Consultant/Coach for Alive & Well Stl, a nonprofit dedicated to shifting cultures and systems while helping people develop pathways to healing well-being and equity.


  1. The programs did not adequately address racial equity 
  2. There was little to no focus on developing emotional intelligence


With these observations, Shayna decided to create her very own leadership development program that would address these gaps in traditional leadership development.  After doing the work successfully for about 5 years, Shayna and her team found themselves at a major crossroad that turned out to be one of the most pivotal moments of the company’s young life. Some of her clients began demanding content solely about racial equity, diversity, and inclusion without the context of leadership development, which was in direct conflict with Shayna’s original intent for her organization. Shayna’s vision for her organization was about more than racial equity and more than leadership development, even. It was and still is about envisioning a new, more liberatory way of living and working–not just fixing broken systems and bad practices. 

Despite the pressure from the industry and all the risks involved, Shayna decided to stay true to her internal conviction and the original intent for her company. The company shifted from Teach To Lead to Lead For Liberation, creating programs designed for organizations and leaders who are genuinely aligned with the vision of L4L and committed to redesigning workplace cultures rather than merely satisfying DEI training requirements.