JWOC Resilience Circle

The JWOC Resilience Circle experience provides a rooted, emergent, and intersectional leadership space for Black women and women of color to connect, rest, and explore their wellness as essential to the realization of equity, justice and liberation in the world


Launching its first Cohort in 2017, the JWOC Resilience Circle was created to establish a wellness and empowerment collective where Jewish women leaders of color would be encouraged and supported in prioritizing their wellbeing, rest and connection as their primary liberation and leadership strategy. Since 2017, Dimensions has launched two additional cohorts and cultivated numerous JWOC spaces where women leaders from multi-racial, multi-ethnic, cross-class, multi-gendered, diverse sexual orientations, differently observant, and intergenerational identities continue to gather to network and gain resources in celebrating their Being.

Where It’s Going

In 2022-23 the JWOC Resilience Circle will gather women leaders to explore rest and liberation from the systemic implications of Anti-Blackness and Anti-Black Racism. The curriculum for JWOC Resilience Circle Cohort III will be open to all women of color from multi-faith or non-faith traditions.

Across three retreats, women leaders are invited to develop a community practice for sharing their diverse narratives, revisiting their personal ecology, exploring their spiritual traditions, and valuing their diverse entry points to the work of deepening equity and justice. 

JWOC Circles continue to represent the multiplicity of being that exists among women of color and include multi-racial, multi-ethnic, cross-class, multi-gendered, multifaith, and intergenerational Black and Brown Women.

The JWOC Resilience Circle experience has been described as a “one-of-a-kind” opportunity to build bridges and experience deep connection and community. The relationships formed within JWOC Resilience Circles have created a pipeline for the growth of a more vibrant, diverse, and intersectional community of women activist leaders who are leading all of us forward to a better future.