Faith-Based Services

Spirituality and Equity in Practice:
Just as physical health can grow stronger or weaker based on one’s ability to center their actions toward care for the body, our approach to deepening spirituality and equity in practice offers that a person’s spiritual health and energy source can grow stronger or weaker based on their ability to center their practice of equity and inclusion within their care for their inner or spiritual dimensions.  
In the context of social justice, we offer that connecting to spirituality can be a connection to the various beliefs, emotions, and methods of connecting to the infinite that offer activists an inner wellspring to draw from when they are engaging in social justice activism.

Dimensions Spirituality Workshops Facilitate Opportunities for Participants to:

Approach Text Study through an Anti-Oppression Lens: Utilizing multi-faith textual references to address contemporary social justice and equity issues at four levels of impact and behavioral change: Personal, Interpersonal, Systemic/Institutional, and Cultural. 

Utilize the “Chevruta” partnership study method to witness and engage both the reader and the text to discover our roles as Perpetrator, Target, Bystander, or accomplice within religious narratives and contemporary faith practice.

Restorative Justice and Healing: Fostering environments that encourage use of restorative justice tools for healing of individual and collective experiences of harm/trauma. We support participants in approaching the work of justice and spirituality through facilitating meaningful encounters, acknowledgment of the need for healing and repair and engaging in transformational behavior. This resource provides support to participants in accessing core trauma experiences and their potential impact upon connections to personal power, relationships across difference, building community partners, growing allies, and taking action.

Explore Emotional Literacy: Inviting opportunities for people to investigate their emotional literacy and their capacity to connect with others across differences. Workshops provide participants with tools and experiential exercises that re-value the importance of feelings in navigating moments of conflict and in building supportive relationships to expand equity and justice.

Community Building through Shared Narratives: Amplifying the power of shared narratives to connect participants across multiracial, multicultural and multi-faith experiences. These workshops are fertile ground for deepening community through the tools of spoken word, poetry, prose, and song. Participants learn to share their own life narratives and appreciate others’ lived journeys as a gift. Through writing, reflecting and sharing, participants are taught to utilize shared narratives to deepen understanding of present and historical needs for equity alongside work and commitments to build more beloved community and faith-based partnerships.