JOC-Allies Project

The JOC-Allies project supports BIPOC, Jews of Color, and Allies in deepening relationships as a foundational element for engaging in racial justice and equity work. Over 8 years and three consecutive cohorts, the JOC -Allies project has subsidized over 100 leaders to attend Race Forward’s Facing Race conference and to engage in six months of post-conference racial equity skill building.  Cohort alumni are invited to stay in learning with each other and incoming groups by attending bi-annual conferences and joining the JOC-Allies Project Advisory Board.


The JOC-Allies Project is a flagship Dimensions community development project. In 2018, the JOC-Allies Project convened its first cohort centering Jewish social justice activists of color in partnership with non-Jewish activists of color and white Jewish accomplices.  This inaugural cohort  attracted leaders from across the social justice spectrum. It resourced and empowered a multiracial and multifaith group of leaders, many of whom are now leading within major social justice organizations and movement spaces. The JOC-Allies Project continues to provide two annual cohorts for leaders to build relationships and deepen their capacity for antiracism practice through attendance at Race Forward’s Facing Race conference and participating in a six-month caucus learning opportunity with other leaders in the field of equity and justice.

Where It’s Going

This year the JOC-Allies Project presents the parallel BLAC (Black Leaders & Allies Cohort) and WWDR (White Women Dismantling Racism) Cohort as programs whose purpose is to facilitate deep connection and power building across an intersectional community of women.

BLAC will create a space for Black women executives and philanthropy leaders to rest and give shape to what leadership BEing holds for Black women leaders beyond their leadership DOing. BLAC will provide Black Women and Women of Color in executive roles with a restful space to explore leadership development, empowerment and community building within a dynamic, warm and welcoming community of WOC professionals. BLAC will convene with experts in the field of racial equity to consider resources that center the necessity of Black women’s joy, peace, wholeness and wellbeing as measurable outcomes for successful racial equity work.

WDR: White Women Dismantling Racism Cohort

WDR provides a space for white women executives and philanthropy leaders to explore the impacts of race, class and gender identity on building intentional relationships as allies and accomplices to BIPOC women leaders. Through training, relational skill building and networking, white women will be prepared to shift power dynamics and deepen partnership with Black Women and Women of Color who are leading for racial equity. WDR participants are invited to join a dynamic, warm and welcoming community of white women professionals who have committed to the work of moving their allyship to accompliceship in the transformational work of moving our current prospects for realizing racial equity forward together.

All Cohort Participants Receive: