Yavilah McCoy keynote at Pursuing Justice 2016

Speak Torah to Power,
“Intersectionality as a Jewish Practice” Yavilah McCoy

Speak Torah to Power, "Intersectionality as a Jewish Practice"

Join Avodah on Facebook LIVE for the second installment of our series "Speak Torah to Power." Tune in here at 7pm EST/6PM CT, to watch!Tonight, Yavilah McCoy, pioneer of the Jewish diversity and equity movement for Jews of color in the United States, will speak on “Intersectionality as a Jewish Practice," drawing upon Jewish texts, events, and traditions to discuss aspects of Jewish wisdom that are most relevant to improving today's world.

Posted by Avodah on Tuesday, February 20, 2018

How is the Jewish Community Doing on Racial Justice?
– Shmuly Yanklowitz interviews Yavilah McCoy”

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Standing at a Crossroads:
Judaism and Race with Yavilah McCoy
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