The Dimensions-Auburn Partnership

Dimensions Educational Consulting is a women and Jewish People of Color led nonprofit that provides training and consultancy in diversity, equity and inclusion. Members of our team have 5-20 years of experience facilitating collective learning spaces, specifically on issues of racism and anti-Semitism. Having worked within dozens of Jewish and broader community organizations, we bring a strong knowledge of the Jewish community’s strengths and challenges in understanding racism and working for racial justice. We also bring a wealth of Jewish knowledge: textual, ritual, spiritual, and historical. We are individually and collectively passionate about supporting the Jewish community to be ever-stronger in fighting for racial equity and eliminating White supremacy in our country. As a women and Jewish People of Color led agency, we are specifically interested in supporting this project to elevate and expand the transformational power of Jewish women of color as national leaders.

The Sojourner Truth Leadership Circle was launched in 2013 as a yearlong fellowship experience for 11 black women. This inaugural cohort was comprised of diverse women of faith, leading from many ages, religious perspectives, class backgrounds, abilities, educational levels and gender identities. Graduates of the inaugural Sojourner Truth Fellowship included women of color who were and are currently shaping the future of social justice leadership in the arts, international relations, faith-based activism, and the fight to end sexual violence. Dimensions CEO, Yavilah McCoy was an inaugural cohort fellow.

Since 2013, Auburn has launched three additional circles. In 2016 it launched a national cohort for “Black Transgender Women Leaders of Faith and Moral Courage.” In 2017 it launched “Resilient Leaders Across a Fractured Country,” a circle for communities of color, immigrants, LGBTQ, rural and working class social justice leaders working in “Red” states post the election, and its most recent circle- a cohort for Sikh social justice faith leaders.

Auburn’s current partnership with Dimensions to elevate the JWOC Resilience Circle emerges directly from its first-hand knowledge of the power and purpose that women leaders of color bring to any activist space they occupy. It also emerges from its experience of the “urgency of now.” Auburn believes that the urgency of these times are demanding a bold new vision, not only of how we will make change today, but how we will equip individuals and communities with the resources they need to engage in social transformation over the long haul. Auburn believes that the urgency of this time demands leaders and communities who are resilient in a new register and a new key that has the capacity to invite, inspire and build a deep sense of the preciousness of long dishonored bodies, minds and spirits. Through our rippling “Circles” Auburn aims to integrate this “preciousness” into the fabric of our movement building. Auburn’s support of the JWOC Resilience Circle and many others is meant to inspire a more grounded, shared and sustainable plan of action for the social justice movement.


With generous support from the Nathan Cummings, Jim Joseph and Lippman Kanfer Foundations Dimensions Educational Consulting and Auburn Theological Seminary are pleased to announce their partnership to launch the “Jewish Women of Color Resilience Circle.”   The JWOC Resilience Circle is a fellowship whose specific mission is to prioritize and elevate care of the bodies, minds and spirits of Jewish Women of Color.

As Women of Color continue to lead and disproportionately serve our contemporary social justice movement, the diverse racial, cultural, spiritual, sexual and class identities that intersect within our lived experiences are requiring us to be resilient and resourceful in championing justice within our own lives and within the social justice spaces we navigate.

JWOC Resilience Circle Goals

JWOC leaders, like Black Lives Matter co-founder Alicia Garza and Women’s March leader Tabitha St. Bernard, have championed the need for women of color to engage in regular healing and self-care practice alongside efforts to bring healing activism to the world.

As movement building toward greater equity and justice continues to grow, Jewish Women of Color are daring greatly to live full and meaningful lives as activist leaders. Many are working together and with partners to support diverse movements for change that are rooted in activism and that address the intersectionality of Women of Color’s experiences across heightened prospects for erasure, tokenization, racism and anti-Semitism that have emerged for many Jews of Color within recent movement work.

The JWOC Resilience Circle is a Gift to Jewish Women Leaders of Color Everywhere…       


If you have been seeking resource and a community to support you in caring for our collective survival while avoiding erasure of the multiple identities you hold as a JOC Womyn…

The JWOC Resilience Circle is for YOU!

If you have been seeking an intersectional model for leadership that celebrates the nexus between Transformational Activism, Transformational Spirituality, and Transformational Self-care…

The JWOC Resilience Circle is for YOU!

If you are interested in a year-long opportunity to build community with other JWOC leaders that will:

  • Center your identity within a co-created “Resilience Curriculum” designed by and for women leaders of color
  • Engage you in a series of critical conversations and workshops with contemporary social justice leaders
  • Feed you with three annual gatherings and monthly webinars to facilitate cooperative skill building and the lived application of sustainable leadership and activism
  • Empower you through coaching, mentoring, community building and partnering to leverage present and historical Auburn “Circle” relationships toward deepening power and capacity across JWOC leaders

The JWOC Resilience Circle is for YOU!

Application Process

To support you in making the most of this opportunity, the JWOC Resilience Circle will begin with a selection process that asks you to describe your goals for deepening your social justice leadership through strategic attention to the nexus of personal ecology, spirituality and activism.

As part of the application process you will be asked to share:

  • What kind of support (personal and professional) do you need to amplify your voice, impact and influence as a transformational social justice leader?
  • What leadership gifts would you bring to the JWOC Resilience Circle?
  • How would you describe your history of social justice activism and what your current vision for change looks like?
  • Who are others in your life and work that can share with us the impact of your leadership?

How to Apply for future applciations:

Contact For questions regarding participation in the program feel free to reach out to Program Coordinators Lisa Anderson and Yavilah McCoy at: and

For application questions by phone please feel free to call Dimensions at 617.804.5213