Advocacy and Justice Services

Developing the Anti-Oppression Lens …

Dimensions consulting aims to support advocacy and justice groups in more effectively weaving an anti-oppression lens into the daily work of social justice.   At Dimensions Consulting we believe that a nuanced understanding of the dynamics of power, privilege, oppression, and diversity and the ways that these dynamics affect individuals, communities, organizations, and social change agendas, can be an essential tool toward accomplishing meaningful social justice work in the United States and around the globe.

At Dimensions Consulting we use Anti-Oppression as an adjective to describe the adoption of an active approach toward dismantling multiple systems of oppression simultaneously in our work as activists within the U.S. and within a global society.  Our consultation is meant to strengthen individual and collective abilities to see, reflect upon, and lead from an anti-oppression stance.

At Dimensions Consulting we understand that resources are limited and there is a great deal of work to accomplish.  We also understand that the work to identify privilege and oppression can be challenging and may bring up a certain level of discomfort, even for activists. With these realities in mind, Dimensions Consulting has researched and gathered the best resources available for authentically engaging anti-oppression work in a learning environment that is compassionate, meaningful, and practical, above all else.  Our workshops facilitate the ability to develop both nuanced and “big picture” analyses of movement building.   Participants are provided with skills and strategies for working from where they stand, while simultaneously being encouraged to seek the potential for shared understanding, shared goals, and shared work.

Our Goals:

To define anti oppression in the context of social justice leadership and familiarize leaders with related terms, principles, and practices that shape leadership commitments to change.

To deepen understanding of systemic issues that contribute to ongoing conditions of oppression in our regional, national, and global communities.

To teach skills and strategies for utilizing an anti-oppression lens to pursue justice and social transformation.

To assist activists in navigating distinctions between personal and institutional work to support justice, equalize power, and enact systemic change.

Our Service:

Dimensions Consulting offers consulting, leadership development, coaching, training and team facilitation directed toward the development of an anti-oppression analysis and framework.  Our activities and workshops expand awareness, facilitate assessment, and develop increased accountability in organizational practices.

Personal Anti-Oppression Skill Building Areas:

  • Personal Transformation
    • Mindfulness
    • Active Listening
    • State management/working with triggers
    • Communication
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Personal Ecology

Anti-Oppression and Organizational Development:

  • Organizational Effectiveness
    • Visioning
    • Goal setting and planning
    • Group dynamics
    • Supervision
    • Performance Evaluation
  • Movement Building
    • Power Analysis
    • Collaboration
    • Negotiation

We invite you to read and familiarize yourself with the dimensions of anti-oppression work that can be explored through our site and through our consultation.  We encourage you, before we meet, to draw some conclusions about what you would like to bring to the table. We hope that you will use our assessment tool and questionnaire to make corollaries and to engage your creativity.  We look forward to a great conversation!